Jurisdiction Service fee for 1st year Service fee for year 2+ Government fee& Service Charged

(Annual fee)

Company Kit Details
United Kingdom United Kingdom US$ 299 US$ 259 US$ 365
Read more
Hong Kong Hong Kong US$ 399 US$ 399 US$ 781 Read more
Seychelles Seychelles US$ 439 US$ 339 US$ 750 Read more
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent – Grenadines US$ 449
US$ 349
US$ 1650
Read more
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands US$ 499 US$ 420 US$ 1400 Read more
Belize Belize US$ 510 US$ 449 US$ 1350 Read more
Anguilla Anguilla US$ 539 US$ 439 US$ 1400 Read more
Delaware Delaware US$ 549 US$ 249 US$ 1400 Read more
British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands US$ 569 US$ 469 US$ 1500 Read more
Samoa Samoa US$ 589 US$ 489 US$ 1400 Read more
Vanuatu Vanuatu US$ 590 US$ 490 US$ 1500 Read more
Panama Panama US$ 599 US$ 499 US$ 1650 Read more
Brunei Brunei US$ 650 US$ 550 US$ 1500 Read more
Mauritius Mauritius – GBC2 US$ 699 US$ 599 US$ 1900 Read more
Mauritius Mauritius – GBC1 US$ 1,990 US$ 1,890 US$ 4,500 Read more
Gibraltar Gibraltar US$ 815 US$ 715 US$ 1800 Read more
Bahamas Bahamas US$ 899 US$ 499 US$ 1650 Read more
Singapore Singapore US$ 899
US$ 799 US$ 2,699
Read more
Jersey Jersey US$ 1,190 US$ 1,019 US$ 2,800 Read more
RAK (UAE) RAK (UAE) US$ 1,349 US$ 1,249 US$ 2,150 Read more
Cyprus Cyprus US$ 1,399 US$ 1,299
US$ 2,200
Read more
Malta Malta US$ 1,590 US$ 1,390 US$ 2,200 Read more
Cayman Island Cayman Island US$ 1,629 US$ 1,529 US$ 2,300 Read more
Switzerland Switzerland US$ 2,500 US$ 2,400 US$ 7,410 Read more


Initially, to successfully commence the new offshore company, beside some set-up cost for government, you compulsorily need a company secretary that will be your company’ representative to be responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented

  • Basic Establishment Fee
  • Corporate Secretarial Structuring Fee


Beside the mandatory Government fees, you need to maintain your company secretary service annually. Company secretary will assist your company to carry out some fundamental functions included:

  • Annual Statutory Fee – Registered Office – Registered Agent
  • Annual Compliance Fee – to cover KYC and Corporate Governance Procedures
  • Disbursements + other recoverable
  • Minimum Accounting Fee
  • Minimum Audit Retainer


According to Government’ financial policy, non-resident companies have to pay particular fees to maintain their company licenses in every year. Most of countries do not require annual return, exceptionally from Mauritius and Cayman.

  • Annual License Fee – Payable to the Government for one year
  • Annual Return Filing Fee – Payable to the Government for one year


  • Clients need to pay 2 types of fee: Government fee and Service fee. The Government fee is mandatory that can be done via our service.


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