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Nevis LLC Company Opening Procedure

The Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance
The Nevis LLC is a business entity that provides an alternative to those who might consider using corporations or partnerships. The Nevis LLC Ordinance permits planners to structure their Nevis LLC in any manner that suits their particular needs. The Nevis LLC can be used for any business venture or professional practice anywhere in the world outside Nevis, including international financing arrangements, for U.S. or non U.S. operations, real estate holdings, manufacturing concerns and operational or investment vehicles for offshore trusts.

Advantages of forming Nevis Limited Liability Company
1.) Absolutely no taxes are levied in Nevis on income gained outside of Nevis by a Nevis LLC (these include exemption from income taxes, social security taxes, capital gain taxes, withholding taxes, gift taxes, estate and succession taxes).
2.) Nevis permits -ONE MAN LLC. The manager can also be the member.
3.) The Ordinance allows for LLCs formed in other jurisdictions to be re-domiciled to Nevis.
4.) No shareholders are required upon or after formation of the LLC.
5.) LLCs may have limited life.
6.) LLCs may keep their records anywhere.
7.) LLCs does not require appointment of directors or officers.
8.) A manager of a Nevis LLC is entitled to keep Confidential from the members, any information in the nature of trade secrets.
9.) Management of the LLC may be by the members or by the managers appointed by the members. Members are not liable for the obligations of the LLC.
10.) No residency requirements for managers, members or any other officers of the LLC.
11.) No requirements for financial or annual reports to be filed.
12.) Stable jurisdiction – Nevis has already updated legislation in compliance with OECD and is completely off the FATF black list.

There are no requirements to file information on beneficial ownership of offshore corporations. Names of beneficial owners and officers will be maintained ONLY at the office of the Registered Agent.CORPORATE NAME ADVANTAGE
Whilst most other offshore jurisdictions totally restrict the use of words like Trust, Finance, Gold, Silver, and Securities in a company name, Nevis offers much more flexibility.

In order to start with LLC company opening procedure please provide the following:
1.) Name suggestion (2-3)
2.) Notarized Copy of Passport or Drivers License (Directors & Shareholders)
3.) A recent utility bill
4.) Due Diligence Declaration (completed)
5.) Payment to the EURO COMMERCE LLC bank account

In order to open a bank account:
1.) Application for Bank Account (completed).
2.) Online banking agreement (completed).
3.) Passport (notarised copy).
4.) Drivers License (notarised copy).
5.) Utility Bill/Bank Statement (originals, no more than 6 months old).
6.) Reference Letters (bank and professional).

Incorporation costs US$1400 (includes incorporation, government fee, agent fee, legal, certification and fedex)
Annual fees US$775 (for empty structure, without Nominee services)

Bank account opening US$600 (time frame maximum 72hrs)
Nominee director US$500 (charge annually)
Nominee shareholder US$500 (charged annually)
POA (certified with Apostille) US$350
Mail forwarding is US$200 per year.
With regards clients own telephone line/number the local telephone company on Nevis request a security deposit of US$2500 from offshore clients.


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