panama incorporation

Panama Incorporation

Panama is very well established jurisdiction with developed financial and corporate infrastructure.

Advantages of the Panama non – resident company registration:

1.) Tax requirements – if the company does not operates physically on the territory of Panama the annual franchise tax will be US$300.00

2.) Privacy laws – The corporation data (incorporation number, name, registration date) as well as the identity of 3 Directors / Officers is publicly available. The shareholder’s identity is not public.

3.) Stable economy and government – Panama has the most stable government and economy in all of Central or South America.

4.) Favorable and flexible Incorporation Laws – it has over 400,000 corporations & foundations, making it the second most popular jurisdiction to incorporate in the world, next to Hong Kong.

5.) Currency Restriction Regulations – the currency of the country must be stable, and there should be no restrictions on the movement of funds in or out of the country, and your offshore bank should be able to hold your money in any major currency.

Incorporation Costs:
The total costs for a Panama Offshore Corporation is US$1950.00

Said Incorporation Costs include the following:
– Notary’s fees
– Capital Registration Tax on the basis of authorized capital of US$10,000.00.
– Resident Agent fees.
– Legal fees.
– Initial minutes.
– Power of attorney included in the Articles of Incorporation or in a separate document if desired, duly sealed by a Notary Public and Apostille Seal.
– Translation into English of the Articles of Incorporation.
– Two certificates of shares issued to the bearer or nominative.
– Certificate of good standing of the corporation and its translation into English.
– Three nominee directors appointed by our Law Firm.
– Annual Franchise Tax of US$250.00 for the first year.
– Courier expenses.

The Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate of Good Standing, the Power of Attorney and its respective
translations into English language, are duly authenticated by Apostille.

Nominee Director Services:
The package includes appointment of the three (3) Nominee Directors.

Anniversary: (Annual payments) – US$1250.00
On each anniversary date of your company’s incorporation you must payUS$300.00 for the Annual Franchise Tax, US$500.00 for Resident Agent fees and US$450 for 3 Nominee Directors (US$150 per Director).

Public availability:
The corporate data (incorporation number, name, registration date, identity of 3 Directors/Officers) is available to public. The shareholders identity is not public.

In order to keep the privacy the following documents are required:
a) Nominee Director (included in the package)
b) General Power of Attorney notarized (first one included in the incorporation).


 Power of Attorney with Notarial Certification US$290
 Notarial Certification or Apostille US$100
 Certificate of Good Standing US$300
 Nominee Shareholder  Not provided, we only accept bearer shares certificates (it means no name is written on it)

In order for us to proceed with the incorporation, you must provide the following:
1.) Three possible names of the corporation or foundation in order of preference.
– it must end with S.A., Inc., Corp..
– it must not contain Ltd. and Limited
– if you wish to use the words such as Finance, Trust or Insurance you should have a license for that
2.) Your courier address and phone number where corporate documents shall be sent
3.) Name and passport copy of each owner
4.) Inform if you want the corporation shares issued in bearer form (with no name written on it) or nominative form (Corporation Name, Registration Numbers, Registration Date and Jurisdiction and ID / Passport of its representative – for corporations; passport copy of each owner – physical persons).
5.) Payment to EURO COMMERCE bank account. (Visa or MasterCard also accepted).


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